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whind founder Hind first discovered Kjaer Weis 4 years ago in NYC, and it was love at first swatch. She uses the KW blushes and Eye Shadows mixed with Marrakech light, this makes them blend and apply so beautifully for a natural skin-like look.  Hind also loves to use their iconic Creamy Lip Liners as lipstick and their Impossible Mascara for instant volumized lashes.  We caught up with Kirsten Kjaer Weis, to find out more about her journey and what’s next for her beautiful brand.


Where did the idea for Kjaer Weis come from?

It came from my background as a makeup artist in the early 2000, and discovering a gap in the market at the time for an alternative. I saw first hand what harsh chemicals and synthetics did to the skin on the women I was working on but most natural brands could not match the performance of the conventional brands I had in my kit. I had an ‘aha’ moment- you could take the profile of a natural brand combined with the performance and luxury of conventional beauty to start a new category.


Can you walk us through your creative process?

My creative process always starts with an intention. Let's say it’s a new product, I ask myself if it is rooted in our DNA, our purpose, whether this product make sense for us. And then we start working on new and alternative ingredients,  we would have a discussion as a team, speak to our formulator and basically start testing with some well-known but also new and untested all natural organic ingredients. It’s a fantastically interesting process of seeing this coming together in a final result that has the efficacy and the innovation we need.

 Kjaer Weis Make Up

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Both Scandinavia and New York City which is where the brand stems from, but also nature and art and culture.


How has your brand been impacted by the pandemic?

It has impacted us from a business standpoint, it has slowed us down for sure, yet it invited us to find new avenues and other ways to stay close to the customers. But form a product point of view,  we saw a change in purchase and desire for ‘less is more’ and what value that we truly stand for. Everyone had time to reflect and that worked for us with the type of brand we are.


How important is craftsmanship in your community?

It is fundamental. It's all about artisanal approach and thoughtfulness of ingredients. Farming is highly important and the quality and time put into every creation.

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